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IB Partner Terms of Use

The Bitterz's IB Partner Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as 'this Agreement') governs the relationship between the company name (hereinafter referred to as 'our Company') and it regulates the relationship with the IB partners defined in the text regarding our IB partners.

Article 1 Definition

The definitions of terms in this agreement are as follows.

1: IB Partner Program

A mechanism that prompts us to register an account through the referral link provided by us to the website and trading system provided by us and to pay the amount presented to the IB partner in advance as a reward for the result.

2: IB Partner

An individual, corporation, or organization that intends to receive as compensation the amount presented to us by our Company in advance as compensation for advertisement materials provided by advertisers posted on websites and e-mail magazines operated by themselves, and guide visitors to the website.

3: IB reward

Consideration paid by our Company to the IB Partner through the IB Partner Program, separately determined in advance (tax included).

4: Visitor

A user who goes to our site through an IB Partner referral link.

5: Link

A hyperlink placed on the web that when clicked, displays the advertiser's site in the visitor's browser. All forms generated by the advertiser site, such as text, product images, button logos, banners, etc.

6: Link for Introduction

A link that contains the information necessary to realize the IB Partner Program.

Article 2 How to apply

The IB Partner shall join our IB Partner Program after agreeing to all the conditions of this agreement. The application will be completed by filling out and submitting the necessary information on the 'IB Partner Sign in' form on the Web. After accepting the application in the preceding paragraph, we will send a confirmation E-mail to the applicant. After sending, it is assumed that the applicant has also completed the approval by clicking the approval URL in the email. *The nationals and residents of the following countries are not eligible for registration. United States of America, Cuba, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Republic of Kosovo, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Zambia, Madagascar, Kenya, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe

Article 3 Types of IB reward

Frequency-of-use type: In the IB Partner Program, a method of paying a predetermined reward from the Company to the IB Partner as a success reward according to the frequency of transactions by users.

Article 4 Provided Services

We provide the networks we develop, operate and manage to make our IB Partners and Users accessible to the IB Partner Program.

Article 5 Payment of success reward to IB partners

1: Participation approval

IB partners participate by accepting the referral link issued by us.

2: Subject of payment

Our company is the entity responsible for paying the IB Partner the amount of success reward generated through the IB Partner Program.

3: Late payment of IB reward

The payment of the IB reward shall be made on the date specified separately, but may be delayed from the schedule because transaction approvals in the blockchain may take some time. Our company is not responsible for delays in payment.

4: Ineligible transactions for reward

  • Self-IB (self affiliate) transactions
  • Transactions conducted with bonus credits
  • Settlement made within 600 seconds

Article 6 Program Participation Cancellation

  1. IB Partner can cancel participations on programs at any time on the web without prior notice to us.
  2. IB Partner acknowledges that their participation may be cancelled by us without prior notice, even after our approval to participate in the program.

Article 7 Link setting in IB Partner

IB Partner uses the links issued by us to set up links within their own site. The linking method cannot be changed without our permission, and shall obtain approval of our company if changes are to be made.

Article 8 Transaction management by IB Partner

  1. Our company provides IB Partners with a dedicated management page on the web, and IB Partners are obliged to always access this management page and check their daily transactions. Shall immediately report to us.
  2. The Company shall not be liable for any trouble in payment of the success reward that may occur at a later date due to failure to report.

Article 9 Receipt of success reward

  1. Payment to IB partners shall be made directly by us.
  2. The payment of the reward closing at the end of the month will be made on the 5th day of every month, and all the reward will be summed up and credited to the wallet (BTC) of IB My Account.
  3. The IB reward will be finalized after the last day of the month in which the settlement is completed. During that period, the reward will not be fixed.
  4. The period subject for payment is from the first to the last day of the month, and the payment is made on the fifth day of the following month. If 5th is a company holiday, it will be the next business day.
  5. After the IB reward is reflected in the account opened in our company, the IB Partner will carry out withdrawal processing and the funds will be transferred to the designated wallet. If you are unable to transfer funds due to the lack of wallet information registered by the IB Partner,or, if the funds are transferred to the wrong destination, all responsibilities will be to the IB partner, and our Company will not be responsible at all.
  6. If there is an error in the reward due to some trouble, etc., it will be settled with the IB reward for the next month.
  7. Regarding the tax treatment of the amount of success reward based on this Article, the provisions of laws such as tax law shall be followed.

Article 10 Service maintenance

Service maintenance shall be carried out both regularly and irregularly. The IB Partner will not make any objection to the suspension of service during that period.

Article 11 Confidentiality and handling of personal information

  1. Our Company shall not publicly disclose the IB Partner's registration information obtained through this agreement and the transaction data obtained through the program without the prior approval of the IB Partner. Except however, when it is known information and when there is an order or investigation by the court, police or other administrative agencies. In addition, the IB Partner acknowledges that in the operation of the IB Partner Program, our Company may notify the user of the registration information of the IB Partner as necessary.
  2. Statistical information aggregated across all IB Partners can be used and published.
  3. The IB partner shall not be leak to a third party the collected information about the company, advertisers, and other technical, sales, and business information that he has learned about this service. However, information that is already known is excluded.
  4. Our company will handle personal information of IB Partners appropriately based on the 'Privacy Policy'.
  5. When contacting us by e-mail on our system, we will not disclose anything other than the registered name and e-mail address.

Article 12 Contract period

The term of this agreement shall be one year from the date of approval of our Company's IB partner, and this agreement shall be renewed for another year from 30 days prior to the termination date of the agreement, unless one of the parties indicates an intention to terminate the agreement. The same shall apply thereafter.

Article 13 Withdrawal from the IB Partner Program

IB partners can withdraw by applying through the inquiry form.

Article 14 Deletion of IB Partner registration

Our company may cancel the registration of the IB Partner and terminate the contract between the Company and the IB Partner if the following reasons occur.

  1. When it is determined that the contact by e-mail cannot be made because the e-mail addressed to the IB partner did not reach three times or more.
  2. When an IB partner has not earned a success reward for one year.

Article 15 Prohibited acts

  1. IB Partners may not engage in any of the prohibited acts specified below.
    • Advertising material and link code modification
    • Modify links provided by us (including advertisement materials and their link codes) without notice to advertisers. However, the size modification (enlargement or reduction) of the QR code is excluded.
    • Request for success reward act
      Regardless of the introduction/advertisement of our website, exclusively to obtain rewards,Forcing, petitioning, and asking visitors to make sales/clicks, and write expressions that mislead visitors.
    • False acts
      The IB Partner conducts an unlawful act such as pretending to have acted as a success reward by colluding with itself or a third party, also, all actions that are considered to be unfairly rewarded for success, such as clicks, orders, registrations, etc. that depart from the purpose of advertising and the purpose of this service.
    • Spam
      Spam acts by e-mail, advertising by writing on the bulletin board, etc., and advertising that corresponds to nuisance to third parties by other methods or means.
    • Posting of expired advertising material
      The act of continuing to post advertising materials and their link codes for which the posting period has expired.
    • Multiple IB partner registrations by the same individual or corporation (unless specifically approved by our company)
    • Acts that encourage customers to violate the contents of the site, Terms of Use, and Guidelines
    • All other acts that our company deem inappropriate
  2. It is our Company's responsibility to determine whether there is a prohibited act, and it is not necessary to explain its content and basis to the IB partner.
  3. We reserve the right to require the server's log files to be submitted for any IB Partner activity we consider to be suspicious. In addition, in order to protect the security of the system that operates this service, in principle, such judgment criteria will not be disclosed to IB Partners unless there are special circumstances.

Article 16 Guarantee

  1. As of the date of the conclusion of this Agreement, the IB Partner shall guarantee to have no capital or financial relationship with anti-social forces such as gangsters, shall not undertake fund provision or other transactions regardless of name, and shall appoint those persons as officers, that you are not hired as an employee.
  2. Until the expiration of this contract, the IB Partner shall guarantee not to engage in capital or financial relations with anti-social forces such as gangs, shall not undertake fund provision or other transactions regardless of name, and elect those persons as officers or employees, or that you will not hire as an employee.

Article 17 Forced termination of contract and confiscation of success fee

Our Company shall be able to terminate this contract without any notice for the following reasons.

  • When an IB Partner fails to comply with the terms of this Agreement
  • When an IB partner commits an illegal act
  • When an IB partner is performing a prohibited act
  • Even though the registered site names and URLs are the same, or the email addresses are the same, or the payee's name and company name are the same, but it is clear that another IB Partner member ID has been obtained. (However, this shall not apply if the Company specifically recognized)
  • Other sites that our company deems inappropriate
    If the contract is forcibly terminated for the reasons described in the preceding paragraph, our Company shall confiscate the success reward incurred for the IB Partner and refuse payment.
    In this case, we may also request the following from the IB Partner:
  • The success reward already paid and equal amount of penalty
  • Expenses such as transportation expenses and personnel expenses required for the survey in the preceding paragraph
  • In case of proceedings such as litigation, all costs related to it (including legal fees) can be charged to IB partner.

Article 18 Contact method

  1. As a general rule, communications between the IB partner and our Company shall be made via email, the IB Partner dedicated management screen, or by telephone. IB Partners cannot refuse this communication during the contract period.
  2. Our Company shall be able to provide the IB Partner with the necessary administrative contact and business guidance by mail in order to operate the service.

Article 19 Service stop, change, modification, addition, deletion

The Company may stop, change, modify, add, or delete the service contents at any time.

Article 20 The qualifications as an IB Partner are as follows

  1. Do not operate the following sites
    • Adult sites, sites with links to adult sites and adult banners
    • Sites that recommend violence and abuse
    • Sites that recommend racism
    • Sites that violate other laws or networks that violate public order and morals
  2. The site administrator and email magazine publisher must be at least 18 years old
  3. The information provided when applying to an IB Partner is not false
  4. You have read and accepted this agreement and to comply
  5. There is no falsehood to the data and information provided to the network after the program has started .
  6. You have not been forced to withdraw from the IB Partner Program in our service in the past
  7. Be polite with our company and advertising members

Article 21 Signing in and Approval

Our company will make that approval based on the information that the IB Partner provided at the time of signing in. At the time of approval and thereafter, the IB Partner shall be solely responsible for any damage or damages caused by false declarations or acts of the IB Partner.

Article 22 Copyright

All IB Partner content available through the network shall be free of copyright issues. Our Company shall not be liable in the event of copyright problems between the IB Partner and a third party.

Article 23 Limitation of Guarantee

The Company shall endeavor to maintain the service, its operation, its use, and the results of its use in a stable manner with the utmost effort, but does not guarantee the following.

  1. That the service will operate without any interruption.
  2. That defects should always be repaired.
  3. That computer viruses or other destructive components will not happen within the service.
  4. That sufficient security methods are provided for these.

Article 24 Limitation of liability

If this Agreement terminates in the middle of the period, neither party shall be liable to the other for damages, regardless of the cause of the termination. The same shall apply when the other party has warned in advance of the possibility of such loss or damage. This damage includes all damages such as lost profits and indirect damages.

Article 25 Intellectual property rights and licenses

All intellectual property rights relating to the content, technology, and all images (including banners and trademarks) that our company provide to IB Partners belong to the provider, and IB Partners are licensed to use within the limited scope of the Network. In addition, IB partners cannot modify or change any of their contents without prior permission.

Article 26 Force Majeure

In the event of default due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of the parties, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, inaction of authorities, fires, strikes, floods, plagues, riots or acts of war, either party shall not be liable for performance delays or non-performance.

Article 27 Jurisdiction

  1. This agreement and the governing law of this agreement shall be the law of the operating country.
  2. The lawsuits concerning this agreement and this agreement shall be construed in accordance with the law of the country in which our Company operates, and not against the law of the country in which the user resides. In the event of a dispute between our company and the user, both parties will discuss and aim for a satisfactory solution, but if it is determined that it is difficult to resolve, we agree to the court of the operating country of our Company depending on the amount of the complaint.

Article 28 Revision of Terms and Conditions

This agreement and conditions may be changed or revised at any time without the consent of the IB Partner at the discretion of our Company.

May 1, 2020