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We cover all withdrawal fees, 365 days a year!



At Bitterz, there are basically no withdrawal (transfer) fees forever.

There are many exchanges that do not charge a withdrawal fee, but in most cases, you will need to pay for the mining fees.

We do not charge our clients any fees for withdrawals.

Furthermore, to ensure that you don't have to pay a mining fee, we cover it by giving MT5 bonus credits.

In other words, the withdrawal fee is absolutely free.

We invite you to trade with us to benefit as much as possible.

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*When you make a withdrawal, the mining fee ”0.0005 BTC” will be paid by the customer. However, each time you make a withdrawal, the mining fee amount will be credited to your MT5 trading account.
*The mining fee will be credited to your regular real account. If you only have a "limited account", you will not be able to receive the credit, so please open a regular real account as well.
*If the total amount deposited into the Bitterz Wallet is less than $100 or you have never made a transaction, we will charge you a withdrawal fee of $25 worth of BTC (Excluding withdrawals of IB Partners' IB rewards). This withdrawal fee is not a mining fee, so it will not be credited to your MT5 account.

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