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Notification of Change in Maximum Leverage (from 200x to 888x)



Thank you very much for using Bitterz as always.
Today, we would like to inform you of the change in maximum leverage (from 200x to 888x).
Since March 1, 2021, we have been offering 888x maximum leverage on a first-come,
first-served basis for a limited number of 300 accounts.
The response has been beyond our expectations,
and due to the limited number of 300 accounts and first-come, first-served basis,
we have reached the maximum number of accounts offered in just one hour after the launch.
We are very sorry to those customers who were unable to open the limited account, even though they had requested it.
Due to the large number of requests, we have decided to change the maximum leverage to 888x for all accounts.
The maximum leverage for all accounts will be changed to 888x as of the following date.
■Change Date and Time
March 31, 2021 (Wednesday) 15:00 - April 4, 2021 (Sunday)(UTC+0)
For customers who are currently using Bitterz,
the changes will be applied sequentially over a four-day period starting March 31.
Customers will be notified by email when the change is complete.
(* You will receive an email for each account when the change is complete. If you have more than one account, you will receive an email for each account.)
Please be sure to check the following page for details of the new leverage and margin after the change.
> Leverage and Margin
・For customers who have a limited account
You can continue to use the account, but please note that the conditions and precautions of the limited account will continue to apply.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.
> Contact form
Thank you for your continued support of Bitterz.
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