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Right now, we're giving away $50 worth of Bitcoins for opening a new account without charge!



Campaign Period

2021/6/11 (Fri) 15:00:00~
2021/6/20 (Sun) 14:59:59

・Get a bonus worth $50 to spend on real transactions.
・You can trade immediately in your real account without depositing money.
・Of course, you can withdraw your earnings.
・You can trade with leverage up to 888 times.
・Zero cut system with no margin call over the margin

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make transactions in Bitterz!

> Open a new account right now!

The official Bitterz column
provides step-by-step instructions
including how to open an account and get your bonus.

> How to get started in Bitterz

※About $50 worth of Bitcoin
This is a bonus credit that will be granted to your MT5 account.
For MT5 BTC account, you will receive $50 worth of BTC bonus credits.
For MT5 USD account, you will receive $50 bonus credits.
For MT5 JPY account, You will receive $50 worth of JPY bonus credits.
This campaign is only valid for users in English-speaking countries.
Submission of identification documents and KYC approval by us are required to receive the bonus.
You have to apply for the bonus within 30 days of new registration. Please submit identification documents and proceed to KYC approval by our company within 30 days of registration.
Bonuses cannot be withdrawn directly. You can only use bonus in transactions and withdraw the amount you have earned.
If you make any withdrawal from your MT5 account, your current bonus will be reset.
※Restrictions on Transactions with Bonus Only
In the case of trading only with the New Account Opening Bonus, once the sum of the settled profit and the unrealized profit of the open positions reaches 1,000 USD, all open positions will be forced to close and no new orders will be allowed.
In order for our customers to experience Bitterz's trading environment in real transactions instead of demo transations, we are giving away our BTC holdings to our customers as bonus, so we set such a limit on our New Account Opening Bonus.
・To continue trading without withdrawals
The restriction will be lifted as soon as you deposit the equivalent of $1,000 into your MT5 account.
For customers who have settled their accounts and wish to make a new transaction
・To make a full withdrawal from the Bitterz Wallet and MT5 account
The restriction will be lifted as soon as you make a deposit of your choice into their MT5 account.
・To withdraw a portion of your earnings from your MT5 account
The restriction will be lifted once the sum of the balance of Bitterz wallet and each MT5 account has been deposited into your MT5 account.
※Please note that if you withdraw any profits from your MT5 account in order to lift the restriction, the amount of your withdrawal will not be eligible for other campaigns.
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