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Thank you for using Bitterz as always.
We are pleased to announce that we have surpassed 80,000 accounts opened in Bitterz.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you all.
To celebrate the 80,000th account opening,
Maximum 100% deposit bonus will be offered for 5 days only!
【 The campaign has ended 】

Campaign period

2021/6/6 (Sun) 15:00:00
~ 2021/6/11 (Fri) 14:59:59
During this campaign,
if you make a deposit into your Bitterz MT5 account,
you will receive a bonus equal to the amount of your deposit.
Example 1: In the case of credit card payment
If you deposit $1,000,
you will receive $1,000 worth of BTC as deposit bonus,
and you will be able to trade with BTC worth $2,000.
Example 2: In the case of cryptocurrency deposits
If you deposit 0.5 BTC,
you will receive 0.5 BTC as deposit bonus
and you will be able to trade with 1.0 BTC.
(*Cryptocurrencies available for deposit: BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC)
Up to 100% of your deposit will be awarded only for the first deposit during the campaign.
From the second deposit,you will only receive a 30% bonus but you can use it as many times as you like during the campaign (with a maximum of 10,000 USD in total during the campain).
With double the deposit available for trading,
you can make active transations more efficiently.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a deposit and get the best deal possible.
Click here for details on how to make a deposit.
> Deposit method
To make a deposit now, click here.
> My Account - Deposit
If you have any questions about the campaign,
please feel free to contact our customer support team.
> Inquiries
Rules of the bonus
*Maximum 100% bonus for the first deposit only (during the campaign)
(The percentage of the first deposit bonus is based on a lottery system. The lottery will be held at the start of the campaign and the lottery results will be displayed in "My Account - Asset" only for the winners).
*30% from the second time onwards (during the campaign)
*No matter how many times you make a deposit during the campaign, you will receive the stipulated bonus.
(If you “have transferred funds from your MT5 account to the Bitterz wallet” or “withdrawn funds from the Bitterz wallet to an external wallet” within the last 30 days, the rules for the second and subsequent deposit (30% bonus) will apply.)
*The maximum bonus amount is 10,000 USD for the first and sequent deposits (total after the second time), respectively (during the campaign period).
(Up to 10,000 USD in total for funds transferred from BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC wallets to your MT5 account. The total deposit value will be calculated by converting each BTC, ETH, USDT and USDC into USD).
*The maximum bonus for the campaign period is 20,000 USD in total.
(10,000 USD for the first deposit + 10,000 USD for the second and subsequent deposits = 20,000 USD)
*Deposit must be received by us during the campaign
*If you transfer or make a withdrawal from MT5 during campaign, you will not be eligible for the deposit bonus due to anti-fraud measures.
*The evaluation will be conducted on each account.
*Only those who have submitted identification documents and have been approved will be eligible to receive the bonus.
> Submission of identification documents
*When you make a deposit into your MT5 account, you will be granted a bonus credit.
*The bonus credit that will be granted to your MT5 account.
・In the case of BTC account of MT5, BTC bonus credits will be granted.
・In the case of USD account of MT5, the bonus credit converted to USD will be granted.
・In the case of JPY account of MT5, the bonus credit converted to JYP will be granted.
*If you are on the WFTSA's blacklist, you are not eligible for the bonus.
Other notes
*The bonus cannot be withdrawn directly. You can use it for transactions and withdraw your profits then.
*Limited accounts are not eligible for bonus. (No deposit bonus will be given).
Prohibited Items
*We prohibit the following transactions.
・Malicious transactions that exploit and utilize the blind spots in the bonus or zero-cut system.
・The act of depositing money into two (or more) firms to conduct dual-tiered transactions or dual-tiered transactions with multiple accounts of our company (as stated in Article 11.13.14 of the Terms of Use).
In the event that the Company's monitoring team detects any of the above-mentioned prohibited activities using a deposit bonus, the Company will deduct the amount of loss compensation (the amount paid by the Company through the zero cut system) from the withdrawal amount at the time of the withdrawal request.
Please note that it is up to the Company's monitoring team to determine whether or not it is applicable to the above prohibited activities.
Specific Transactions
The Company prohibits malicious transactions that exploit and utilize the blind spots in bonus and the zero cut system.
In order to ensure that our customers, who are trading in accordance with our Terms of Service, have a good experience using our services, we have a department that monitors and analyzes the behavior of those who engage in prohibited transactions.
Based on our analysis, we may ask you questions via email, take some time to grant the bonus for you, or even exclude you from receiving a bonus for the purpose of preventing prohibited activities.
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