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Article 1 Risk information

  1. Cryptocurrency trading can be done 24 hours a day, but the price may be greatly biased depending on the market trends and transaction volume of cryptocurrency. It is also susceptible to the policies of each country.
  2. Transactions may be suspended or prohibited at any time due to the development or revision of national laws, regulations and codes.
  3. Users who participate in cryptocurrency trading must manage their own risk, evaluate the value and investment risk of cryptocurrency investment, and bear all risks related to investment.

Article 2 Disclaimer

  1. You understand and agree that Bitterz under no circumstances is responsible for any of the following:
    • Loss of income
    • Loss of Trading income or contract
    • Business interruption
    • Avoidable money
    • Loss of information
    • Loss of user opportunity, business credibility or reputation
    • Malfunction or loss of your device
    • Data damage or loss
    • Cost of purchasing an alternative product or service
    • The disappearance of cryptocurrency or withdrawal from the market
  2. The user understands and accepts that Bitterz is not liable for any damages arising from the following matters.
    • In the event of force majeure in an emergency situation such as unexpected server trouble, system failure, external attack, natural disaster
    • When our Company determines that there is a possibility of a serious breach or default in the user's specific transaction based on reasonable grounds
    • User's misunderstanding about the services of this website
    • When user information is leaked, damaged, or lost, but not the cause of Bitterz
    • Loss due to deficiencies in telecommunications services provided by other telecommunications carriers under the 'Telecommunications Service Act'
    • Other losses not caused by Bitterz related to the services provided by Bitterz
  3. Users who participate incryptocurrency trading must manage their own risks, evaluate the value and investment risk of virtual currency investment, and bear all risks related to investment by themselves.
  4. Users are responsible for all financial losses resulting from the suspension or prohibition of cryptocurrency transactions at any time due to the development or revision of laws, regulations and norms of each country.
  5. Our company makes no guarantee or promise for information that is not our content, products, services, and content of third-party websites that we link to. And, all the decisions for the use of third party services, information and products shall be used at user's own risk and responsibility.
  6. We are not responsible for the content of materials posted or sent by users.
  7. The contents of cryptocurrencies registered in Bitterz are registered by each user, and we are not responsible for the contents of the registration.

Article 3 Compensation for damages

Our company is not responsible for any accidents resulting from transactions outside the scope of the trading rules stipulated in the Terms of Use. We are not responsible for any dispute arising from the negligence of the seller or buyer. Damages or losses caused by our affiliated companies shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the affiliated company, and any dispute between the affiliated company and the customer shall be resolved in principle.