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Our Values

We will operate a highly reliable exchange to support the Cryptocurrency movement.
We believe this new asset class will provide opportunity and growth for individuals and businesses.
We will always keep track of new projects and technologies to provide an exciting experience for our clients.

Management Vision

  • Aim for the world's highest Cryptocurrency CFD trading volume.
  • Operate a highly reliable exchange providing transparency, convenience, efficiency and support.
  • Upgrade our environment by listening to our customers voice.
  • Build a healthy relationship with our clients providing the fastest support in the industry.
  • Contribute to the entire industry through our exchange.

Our Staff


CTO -Chief Technical Officer-

Aric Wilson

CCO -Chief Compliance Officer-

Davis Henry

CFO -Chief Financial Officer-

James Wilson

CCO -Chief Customer Officer-

Daniel Martin

CMO -Chief Marketing Officer-

Jimmie Watson

CTO -Chief Trading Officer–

Edward Walker

System Department

Aric Wilson

Ryota Ishiumi

Shozo Maehata

Yuze Yang

Kesuke Sato

Sales Department

Jimmie Watson

Naohito Shimizu

Satoru Taniyama

Riley Hill

Zhou Yuchen

Tomo Kashiyama

Seven other members

Dealing Department

Edward Walker

Goro Isobe

Takatoshi Saito

Four other members

Customer Service

Daniel Martin

James Wilson

Yoshiki Hisamoto

Akira Ishida

Keiko Kawahana

Hiroaki Uno

Minako Nishitani

Daisuke Mori

Two other members

Taiwan Office

Le Chunghsumin

Yuang Zhang

Misako Koga

Sarina Takabe

Mitsuko Natsukawa

Our Service


Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Bitterz

Bitterz is a Cryptocurrency exchange that provides high leverage trading on the latest MT5 trading platform.
0 trading fees and only few minutes to get your account set up with safety of funds provided by third party custody.

Company Profile

Company name Bitterz LLC
CEO Woong Lee
Head office Hinds Building, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Taiwan support center 705,No.45, Sec.1, Fu Xing S. Rd., Song Shan Dist., Taipei City 105056, Taiwan (R.O.C)
Telephone number +(886)-2-27772700* We do not accept inquiries by phone
Contact information Inquiry Form
Hours 24 hours
Establishment April 9, 2020

Technology &
Liquidity Providers

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