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About MT5

MT5 (Meta Trader5) is the latest trading platform, being the most popular trading tool in the world for professional traders and financial institutions.

Superior Performance and Scalability.

Every millisecond is critical in trading, the operating system and trading tools will have an impact on your PNL.
The MT5 trading platform will allow you to trade with low latency, fast executions in any market condition.

Multi Chart Layout

MT5 gives the availability of multi chart layouts.
The MT4 has only 9 types, while the MT5 gives the availability of 21 timeframes.
The tools provided by MT5 charts can be widely used for all analytical purposes.

Sophisticated Interface

With a new advanced interface, providing all tools needed for convenient and comprehensive technical analysis.
The Market Watch displays high and low prices, spreads and swaps, making it more simple to read.
You can also place a one-click order, so you do not miss the perfect timing for a trade.

Types of Executions

You can use a plenty of order types such as market, stop limit and more. We can also provide an tailored environment according to your needs.

Access to Robust Indicators

Ready made indicators for you to use. It is also possible to implement your own custom indicator.

Development and Innovation

Unlike the MT4, the MT5 is constantly updating. With many mor updates to come, traders will be able to trade in the latest environment.

Bitterz MT5 is built to provide the best environment for Cryptocurrency CFD trading.

In addition to the MT5 platform, which has a high-speed response, excellent interface, and special functions, Bitterz MT5 is built specifically for Cryptocurrency trading.

We try to offer the best trading environment so every trader can get a satisfactory result at all times.