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Leverage and Margin

We apply dynamic leverage.
The leverage offered varies depending on the account balance.

Account Balance (USD) Leverage
$0 - less than $10,000200
$10,000 or more100

Margin Call, Stop-Out

To protect your balance, if the margin maintenance ratio falls below a certain level, your open positions get automatically closed.

If your margin maintenance ratio falls below 150%, we will notify you with a margin call.
If your margin maintenance ratio falls below 100%, we will automatically close your open positions. (Stop-Out).

Negative Balance Protection

Due to sudden market fluctuations, your account may shrink before stop-outs are triggered resulting a 100% loss of account equity.

With Negative Balance Protection any losses that exceed your account balance will be reset to 0.
This applies for all customers even if you have not received bonus credits. Reset to 0 should be done within 60 minutes.

Keep in mind that we will not require additional funding when negative balance occurs.